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A virtual ecosystem of endless opportunities

A new reality is emerging

The Metaverse is becoming a reality with the convergence of various technologies, including blockchain, NFTs, digital twins, etc. Being an early adopter allows you to experience next-gen opportunities. A reliable partner offering metaverse enterprise solutions can help you explore and unlock the potential of this new realm.

Partnering with the best to build a responsible metaverse

Crest Solutions take

Dive into how the Metaverse Continuum can be utilized in all areas of business, from consumer to worker and throughout the enterprise.

Crests’ Hall of Fame

Crest Solutions Hall of Fame features an achievement gallery with frames capable of dynamic data upload through CMS. It also offers multimedia options for showcasing reels, clips, and other highlights to feature individual achievements.

Crests’ Meta Mart

An internal eCommerce project showcasing various use cases, including the purchase of products and groceries. Users can view their cart, add products, and see their cart list, which will update automatically.

Crests’ MetaBank

Meta Bank offers a virtual reality (VR) experience that simulates a realistic banking environment. Through the VR headset, users can interact with ATM as they would in real life and access various banking services, including balance inquiries and fund transfers.

Crests' Real Estate

The real estate industry is utilizing visual and 3D designs to provide accurate representations of their end products. With the aid of creative and advanced tools, these designs can be developed to showcase what the final product will look like. This approach is an effective solution to showcase real estate properties.